packaging guidelines

(1) Each package within a consignment must be legibly and durably marked with the full name and complete postal address with the PIN Code and telephone number of both the customer and the consignee. Siti courier shall not be liable for non delivery on account of incomplete or erroneous address being furnished by the customer.

(2) It is the customer's obligation to ensure that all consignments entrusted to siti for carriage are prepared and packed adequately to ensure safe carriage with normal care in handling. Any article susceptible to damage as a result of any condition which may be encountered during handling or transportation by air, railway or road must be adequately protected by the customer by proper packaging and siti courier shall not be liable for any damage or shortages occurring as a result of improper packing.

  • Ensure that the packing box is suitable in size and strength to hold its contents.
  • Ensure that the cushioning material is stuffed generously in the box.
  • Use of strapping is a good way to seal the box as it supports even weaker boxes.
  • Flimsy items should always be packed by a professional packer with proper markings indicating it as flimsy.
  • Ensure that specially designed boxes are used for packing floppies and cd.
  • Ensure that while packing sharp items like Knives, Scissors etc. the edges and points of these items are fully protected.
  • Shipments packed in wooden box should have an open able lid, which can be opened and re-locked again.
  • Ensure that no single package weighs more than 10 Kgs.