siti courier premium

Premium customer service is an advanced level of customer service that extends beyond basic service activities to include a more personalized and customized approach that creates a customer-centric business atmosphere. Premium customer service exceeds basic courtesy, helpfulness, cashier and floor support. Customers typically get a more personalized service from a sales associate or customer service level. Special ordering, customer feedback, value-added unique services, and other extras are examples of premium level services. Some more are as below mentioned, Which express the basics of that product.

  • Siti Courier Premium booked only those shipments, which will be delivering on same day as per basis of cut off time.
  • Documents and parcels up to 5 Kgs can be sent.
  • Service available for select distant location in Indore.
  • Proof of Delivery scan image will be available next business day.
  • Team will be represent that product with full of dedications.